Monday, November 21, 2011

The Girl In The White Gown

        There once was a boy named Yengshi who saw things like animals and Indians. People thought he was crazy and everyone always made fun of him.One day Yengshi said he wanted to go camping and we all said yes.Yengshi was cooking meat on the grill and Cesar said he was going to get the camping gear in the car and Yengshi saw a figure of a girl who's hair looked messy. She said she was being chased by people with weapons and animals.She was a girl with blue eyes and dark wavy hair.
I gave her new clothes and cleaned her wounds. Cesar came out of the car and said who was the girl. We said she came out from the woods all bleeding with a big scratch on her left arm. Then Yengshi suggested lets go to the woods were she came out of from and the girl said she didn't want to go she was so scared of what she saw. I said,"Yengshi stay with the girl and protect her from anything that comes close to her". So me and Cesar took a flashlight and a bat to protect are self's from anything . Footsteps,Snow,Slow,Heavy,Wet,Slushy,Wellies by gynation                                                                                                                                                     
Cesar and me went to the woods and saw nothing so we spread apart. It was dark and foggy and I turned on my flash light to see in the dark and saw something like a whole clan of people then i heard Cesar screaming. I ran as fast i can to see what was going on and we saw a girl wearing a white dress with blood all over her dress and dead bodies by her. She had a knife in her right hand and a metal bat on the other one. Then she ran towards Cesar and hit him with the bat on his leg and his leg was bruised and his bone was sticking out. I tried to help him but she stabbed me with her knife and then hit me with her bat on my face. I guess i must've been knocked out because when i woke up i saw Cesar bleeding all over his head was cut off. Then I saw a car coming and it was Yengshi and the girl then he told me get in and he had a gun. I said why does he have a gun and he said to not worry then he shot and i died.                                                       

                                THE END              

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